Gareth Rhys Jones is a UK based composer, songwriter and producer. 

Early in his career, Gareth collaborated with former Sony/ATV and Island writer Gerald Masters, on a number of projects for UK publisher, Bucks.  Together they wrote over 50 songs, and many other assorted compositions.  They produced other artists and singers, and eventually formed "Rescue Party" - their own studio based recording project.

Gareth enjoys the collaborative process and has shown his versatility through working in a variety of genres including: pop, rock, classical, jazz, blues, country, folk, celtic, r&b and dance.  He has written solo songs too, many of which have received regular radio play.  He is a regular acoustic performer, as a solo artist and as duo with collaborator Rich Jones.

Composing in a wide range of styles has allowed Gareth to enjoy success writing "production music."  He currently has deals with a number of production houses all around the world, most notably with Plan 8 Music and Songs To Your Eyes.  Credits have included BBC, Five, Sky, IFC, MTV (US), VH1 and Discovery, as well as corporate clients.  He is a member of PRS For Music and the PPL.

During his formative years he learned to play piano, clarinet and guitar, and studied music theory.  He later attended the University of Leeds, focusing on composition, orchestration and music technology.