An "art-pop" project about America, and how its exported culture is seen in the UK.  The album, "Imaginary America" took the concept of the American Dream and tried to capture different elements: The space race, the open-road, East-Coast, West-Coast, the early days of cinema, the 60s and Woodstock, but also dealing with more serious issues, civil rights, war, greed and 911. 

"Imaginary America" is just a snapshot of a journey seen through the eyes of Gareth Rhys Jones and Gerald Masters, from across the pond.

In 2014, "A Darkened Love" - the first new song by Rescue Party in 8 years was released on iTunes.


A songwriter of great pedigree, Gerald was a fixture of the music business for nearly 30 years.  Gareth began working with Gerald as a mix engineer, but soon progressed into a working partnership that saw the two musicians write, produce and collaborate with many artists, groups and publishing houses, including Island, Sony/ATV and Bucks.  Together they penned over 50 songs to add to Gerald's significant catalogue, which still continues to be worked today.

Gareth is working with Gerald's US agent Fabian Fernandez as executive producer to oversee the release of Gerald's song catalogue.  "Dreamtime" - songs dating from 1987/88, was released in 2010.  This was followed up by "Strike a Light" in 2011 and "Terminal Life" in 2012.  Going forward, every year on Gerald's birthday (February 17) will see a new release.



Better known as John Richardson from the seventies band, "The Rubettes," Jayadev sought out Gareth to help him create a "definitive" album.  Together they created an album described as "a fusion of eastern and celtic influences, on a bed of orchestration."  Aidan O'Brien (Uillean Pipes, Banjo, Whistles, Guitars) and Joe O'Donnell (Violin) made most welcome additions to the album.  Gareth's role was Producer, Arranger and Orchestrator.

Jayadev, Gareth and Aidan performed the album for the festival crowds at Bhaktivedanta Manor, to celebrate Janmashtami in August 2008.

In 2010, Jayadev once again enlisted his services to create two new albums, one fully arranged and orchestrated, and one only featuring vocal arrangements and beatboxing.  Jayadev has toured these across the world, assembling 107 Mantra Choirs worldwide so far. 


A small collection of songs, featuring the delicate voice of Otez, but with strong sentimental songwriting from production team, Gareth Rhys Jones, Gerald Masters and Ben Rohleder. 

"In Your Arms" became a regular favourite with fans, whilst "Paper In The Flames" saw further collaboration from lyricist Joanne Gill and CBSO violinist Claire Horgan.